Treasures from Warehouse Cleanup Day

Last week, KONTEK had an in-service day at the warehouse location. We've been so busy taking care of our dear friends that things had gotten a little bit crazy. Most of what we did is likely uninteresting: sweeping, cleaning the break room, washing the vans, etc. but in the process of recycling old equipment, breaking down cardboard boxes, and the like, we uncovered these really cool pieces of test equipment.

First, I give you this power supply thingamabob for which my personal interaction with resulted in a shin bruise the size, shape, and consistency of an avocado. This monstrosity required both Warren AND Julian to lift.

And here is a groovy vacuum tube tester and battery tester. This should come in handy with Sammy's HAM radio equipment and my own headphone amplifier. 

Time was that we had to lug this kind of equipment out to the field. It was difficult and expensive keeping the mule train fed and watered to do so but that's the commitment we make to you, our valued customer. Now our technicians have test equipment that mostly plugs into their iPhones or is otherwise the size of a deck of cards like the infinitely versatile Raspberry Pi. Please do reach out to us if you need your vacuum tubes tested. We know a guy.



-Jonathan Danforth

Jonathan is one of Kontek's control system programmers. He has been with Kontek since 2005.