Kontek Announces New VCR Repair Program

KONTEK is proud to announce a new VCR repair program borne out of our Q1-2015 initiative to leverage unrealized income vectors. Our successful execution and, thus, your successful VCR Repair experience depends on how KONTEK prioritizes problem-solving potential (whereas relationships transfer an agreed-upon potential). Risk appetite and enablement influence the resource, while the Chief Business Planning Officer, #FormerInternSam, proactively improves unique and growing enhanced data captures. To whit:

Frank Konhaus Signature VCR Repair Service

$7499.98 (PN: OMK-SS)

$7499.98 (PN: OMK-SS)

Premium Cabling

KONTEK cables make use of quad filament processing to realize previously unseen levels of color and vibrance.

Our unique braiding algorithm developed by Monica Ellis ensures a minimization of crosstalk and hologram-inspired visions of a quantum present.

Non-conductive insulation on KONTEK cabling is inspired by the teachings of traditional Reiki. The insulation gently channels healing energy into the conductors for maximum efficacy.

Conductors are extruded from mono-crystaline oxygen-free copper and then plated, under vacuum, with 100 Microns of .9999% pure silver. It is well known that the highest frequencies of the NTSC color spectrum perform best when transmitted via silver while the lower frequencies perform best over copper.

The Frank Konhaus Signature Service is the pinnacle of KONTEK's dedication to the success of our Repair Partners. This service is named for our founder who assisted with the invention of the VCR and insisted on only the finest and highest performance technologies and industry-leading techniques such as helical springs, and cross-reverse double magnetism. As consumer demand for the technology increased, quality suffered.

Restore your VCR to the original vision of the technology with our Frank Konhaus Signature Service.

  • Rejuvenated ferrite replacement in flying heads
  • Replacement of stock motor with high performance direct-drive outboard motor assembly hand-tuned to 29.97Hz (NTSC Only - PAL extra)
  • Replacement of all belts with hand-pulled elastopolymers sourced from our factory in Turin, Italy.
  • Complete electron reionization (submit compass-heading of VCR location with order)
  • Pinch-roller replacement and calibration (accurate to 3mN)
  • Greasing of cam gear, impedance roller shaft, roller guide track (Certified Vegan)
  • Replacement of main brake spring, main brake arms (left and right) (CNC carved from Koa wood for best audio quality; Spruce also available)
  • Replacement of all wires with premium oxygen-free signal cabling (see "Premium Cabling" sidebar)
  • Case replacement (waterjet-cut titanium chassis designed by award-winning KONTEK designer Michael Martin)


NOTE: PAL, multi-region, BetaMax, 8mm, Quadplex, and DATA rejuvenation also available for additional cost. Contact Kim Durack, V.P. of VCR Repair for details.