What a KONTEK Support Agreement Can Do For You


As anyone who has been around technology in the past 20 years knows, sometimes, things just break.  Whether your laptop gets the horrid “blue screen of death”, or you drop your iPhone on the sidewalk, life happens, and technology will need to be worked on and repaired.  The same is especially true with AV equipment.  

Since its beginning, the principal way KONTEK supported our clients was by doing hourly a-la-carte style service calls.  We realized over time, though, that this wasn’t what many of our clients actually wanted or needed the most.  As AV integration became more comprehensive, as well as factoring in so many other third-party and online facets, it was expertise that our clients needed, as much as fixing things that were broken.  So, we began to implement different types of support agreements for people to consider.  These agreements offer a flat cost to the client, and covered anything from simple annual scheduled maintenance to FULL comprehensive system coverage of hardware, software, and round-the-clock support services.  

One of the most difficult things to do is correctly plan for the costs of equipment failure.  One month, everything is going well with no additional costs, and then BAM!, the touch panel fails and the repair is in the thousands of dollars.  With a support agreement, the idea is that your costs are flat, predictable, and can be a budgeted as part of a room’s use and age cycle.  Instead of paying the high cost to repair things as they fail, now, the support expense can be budgeted and everything that a client needs – in one or twenty rooms - is covered by a predictable monthly payment.

We know that the AV equipment in your conference room, classroom, or medical lab is an expensive and important part of your business.  So, it is even more crucial for it to remain fully functional with minimal downtime.  A support agreement with KONTEK can ensure this by offering our excellent knowledge base, priority onsite scheduling, the capability for remote/online support, and temporary equipment for any failures, so your systems keep on doing what you purchased them to do.   From a question about how to help users in the room understand how to make their presentations look the best, to unraveling a control room’s complexity for a user support group, to on-the-fly replacement of failed equipment, we can do it all for you.

A support agreement with KONTEK Systems can do a multitude of things, but most importantly, all of our agreements provide peace of mind - for our clients knowing that if anything does happen, you don’t need to worry, because KONTEK has you covered.

-Pete Rehm

Pete Rehm is the Support Team Manager for KONTEK Systems.  He has been with KONTEK since 2008 after graduating with a bachelors degree in Communication Studies and Media Production from the University of Chapel Hill.

A proud AV nerd from an early age Pete has been involved with electronics, speakers, instruments, lighting, staged theater and live music all of which led him on his path to arrive at KONTEK.