Let's Chat About Fashion & TVs

As the International CES wraps up we Kontekians find it necessary to wipe up the puddle of drool on our desks and critically evaluate new products so that we can faithfully recommend their installation in your projects. Although technically speaking "CES" is not an acronym, the world's largest technology exposition has long been focused on consumer technology - the products that wind up in homes versus the products that wind up in the boardrooms, classrooms, and medical facilities that are the typical realm of KONTEK.

What's increasingly clear is that the border between home and work technology is blurring. The so-called "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) movement referring to employees and students bringing in their own tablets, phones, etc., for example, is a term that causes various fits of wild-eyed excitement and panic depending on whom in the organization you talk to... and that's just one example. With this blurred distinction between home and office technology comes the disruption of fashion into our designs - and we welcome it with open arms.

Fashion is always changing and frequently pushes boundaries but that's nothing new to our industry - the only differences are that we pixel-pushers have always used the term innovation instead and that there's usually a bonus analytical improvement that comes in the box: a spec bump to make us nerds happy.

One fashion that we began to see in 2014 and will be particularly prevalent in 2015 is the curved-screen display. Almost every manufacturer is producing convex displays now and we think they're gorgeous. Some, like the new 21:9 ultra-wide S9W by Samsung are practically works of art. But the real question is where do they fit in at your company or school? The answer is that almost certainly, they don't - unless you need to make a statement to the public about your high-tech style by using the latest fashion.

Commercial Advantages of Curved Displays

  • Eye-catcing for digital signage / branding in high-visibility areas
  • Reflection rejection for conditions with bright direct lighting
  • Very fashionable

Commercial Disadvantages of Curved Displays

  • More expensive than same-sized flat screens
  • Small reduction in viewing angles (although, weirdly, off-axis color rendition is better than flat screens)
  • They look very awkward when mounted to the wall
  • Geometric distortions - terrible for critical viewing but pleasing for some video


-Jonathan Danforth

Jonathan is one of Kontek's control system programmers. He has been with Kontek since 2005.