New lectern!

Serial number 001, on display at Duke Law

We've always been amazed that mobile lecterns available from AV manufacturers are so, well, ugly. Why is it so hard to find one that's simple, elegant, and has good tech features? The final straw was Bretford's recent decision to discontinue their Presentation Environments lectern, which had been our go-to product for years. It wasn't perfect - it required a little modification to accommodate even a gooseneck microphone, and a LOT of modification for more serious technology like a recessed Smart Podium annotation display. But it was well built, visually inoffensive, and we installed many of them in our projects.

Necessity is the mother of invention, though, and the disappearance of the Bretford unit made us scratch our heads and ask what we'd really like a mobile lectern to be. At about the same time we met Elijah Leed, a young artist and furniture maker in Durham who crafts beautiful things from wood and metal. After months of design collaboration with Elijah and our Kontek team, and several rounds of prototyping, voila: Kontek's very own lectern design. It's made right here in Durham, hand-crafted from your choice of hardwood and powder coated steel,  and has a clever internal wire management system for laptop connectivity.  We had fun with this, and hope you like it. - Wes Newman